Markley, van Camp and Robbins | June 2, 2021
The Boys are not the most lethal threat to the United States, but President Joe Biden says white supremacists are. A five-year-old is left alone and crying at the border, and it’s as if Vice President Kamala Harris is now in charge of voting. After threatening to pull out of states that are taking measures to protect girls’ sports, Florida governor Ron DeSantis tells the NCAA where they can go with their events. The winner of the Kentucky Derby could be disqualified after the positive drug test is confirmed, and a key figure in the Wuhan research lab thanked Dr. Fauci for downplaying the lab leak theory. Texas governor Greg Abbott issued a disaster declaration amid the immigration crisis, and he blasted the Biden administration’s “open-border policies.” President Biden suspends oil and gas leases in part of Alaska, and the Navy SEAL who killed Bin Laden is blasting Biden, for downplaying the terrorism threat from Al-Qaeda. A black father dismantles critical race theory, and a San Francisco homeless man’s attack on a cop sheds a light on police staff shortages.