Markley, van Camp and Robbins | June 21, 2021
MVC&R have been watching criminals run rampant, and this week President Joe Biden is going to focus on violent crime, according to Politico. Juneteenth and gay pride celebrations were allowed in a city that canceled the Independence Day Parade. Reporters and politicians blame Governor Ron DeSantis for the terrorist attack, which wasn’t even a terrorist attack, and Dr. Anthony Fauci can’t believe people are calling out his lies. The mayor of Atlanta is canceling policies that contributed to the city’s soaring crime rate, and a prominent progressive is a member of an all-white club. A sheriff’s deputy is shot multiple times by an armed suspect, and a full-blown manhunt is underway. Bill Maher describes why people don’t like democrats, and Shaq says he would have knocked out Ben Simmons, had they ever shared a locker room. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez skipped votes due to concern for public health, yet she had plenty of time to campaign for friends. When pressed by a reporter, Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to say if a 15-week-old unborn is human, and Governor DeSantis beat Donald Trump in a poll conducted at a conservative conference.