Markley, van Camp and Robbins | June 29, 2021
MVC&R recognize the crime surge across the country is very real, and the Oakland Police Chief points out, “This crime wave isn’t a bump in the road.” Jen Psaki is blasted after deflecting blame for the crime wave, by claiming the GOP defunded the police. The DHS Chief says Vice President Harris didn’t visit a detention center, because, “They had a lot to see.” The Energy Secretary uses the Florida condo collapse to sell the infrastructure bill, and South Dakota joins other GOP states by sending troops to the Southern border. GOP lawmakers and veterans are calling for Gwen Berry to lose her Olympic team spot, and a judge dismisses an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook. Portland closed down its food program, but some local moms stepped up to help. A man tried to rob a TV crew while they were doing a story on the crime wave, and the woman who caused the Tour de France pileup may have fled the country.