Markley, van Camp and Robbins | June 7, 2021
M&R are doing the show while VC is moving. The Wuhan lab leak theory is getting more coverage, yet we remember Dr. Anthony Fauci’s chastising of the theory in the first place. Vice President Kamala Harris meets with the President of Guatemala, and he lays the blame for the border crisis at the feet of the Biden administration. President Joe Biden tweeted Sunday about the massacre in Tulsa, but neglected to tweet anything about the anniversary of D-Day. Bill Maher has been making some good points lately, and he destroys President Biden’s free-college plan. Scott got a haircut over the weekend, and his stylist had some advice for her customers. Before the pandemic was declared, and after filing for a COVID vaccine, a Chinese military scientist mysteriously died. Many people felt duped after the Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight, and many were entertained by the multi-million dollar exhibition. Sky News host Alan Jones has some hilarious criticism for environmentalist superhero Greta Thunberg, and a survey says people start taking their health seriously at age thirty-nine.