Markley, van Camp and Robbins | June 8, 2021
The Boys know it’s not hard to figure out what caused the crisis along the border, yet Vice President Kamala Harris does not have an explanation when called out. Florida governor Ron DeSantis calls out celebrity hypocrites, when they protest voter laws and ID, but say nothing about human rights in China. As if one Wuhan lab wasn’t bad enough, there are plans to build another virology lab in China. Much of the country has already discovered the faults with critical race theory, but former President Barack Obama is speaking out against Republicans who criticize the flawed indoctrination technique. Obama sounded quite differently when he spoke in 2013, and he would have been canceled by today’s woke standards. Rep. Ilhan Omar was on Twitter calling for accountability for atrocities, and pointing the finger at Israel and the United States, but not at Hamas. Yale University hosted a lecturer who spoke about her desire to shoot white people in the head, while another teacher was reinstated, after being fired for refusing to affirm transgender identities with students.