Markley, van Camp and Robbins | June 9, 2021
M&R were not impressed with Vice President Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala, but those that are paying attention wouldn’t have been. Lester Holt did his best journalist impersonation while speaking to Harris, and he held her feet to the fire when she claimed they had already been to the border. Condoleezza Rice offers her wisdom when it comes to global affairs, and she talks about the global threat of China. The media have been stepping on rakes a lot lately, especially when more liberals are speaking about the viability of the Wuhan lab leak theory. Peter Doocy from Fox News is not towing the media line, and did a great job in journalism with Vice President Harris on her trip. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had Tweeted concern for her Puerto Rican grandmother, but rejected over $100K raised by GoFundMe, because it was collected through conservative philanthropy. Republicans have been demonized for asking about the Vice President’s lack of attention to the border crisis, and Jen Psaki embarrasses herself trying to defend Harris’ incompetence. CNN is referring to the “perplexity” of White House media officials after the poor border performance, and stories are coming out about bodies of immigrants floating in the Rio Grande.