Markley, van Camp and Robbins | March 1, 2021
The Boys don’t think the massive COVID bill has much to do with COVID relief, but the White House claims 90% of the bill focuses on COVID. President Biden appears to be confused while giving a speech in Houston, Texas, and Chris Cuomo has an embarrassing goodbye for his brother. Alyssa Milano had some unsavory words to describe CPAC attendees, and she targets the hotel chain for hosting the event. Dr. Anthony Fauci is disappointed in the criticism of him, and LeBron James takes on a soccer player, claiming he does his homework. Minneapolis is hiring “influencers” to prevent misinformation during the Chauvin trial, and there was another riot in Portland. A former Coronavirus Task Force official blasts Biden, saying they would have to slow down to meet his goal. The president of the Berkeley teachers’ union is spotted dropping off his daughter, at an in-person preschool, after leading the charge for school closures.