Markley, van Camp and Robbins | March 10, 2021
MVC&R are not making a judgement call when it comes to new COVID guidelines, but Dr. Anthony Fauci says that’s what the CDC is doing. The Washington Post puts their own pathetic spin on the COVID Relief Bill, and an update on Major Biden after getting booted from the White House. Governor Andrew Cuomo now has a sixth accuser coming out, and Jen Psaki dodges questions about the kids in cages along the border saying, “It’s not our program.” The Palace responds to the Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah, while Piers Morgan quit his job because of Markle. An explanation on how wokeness has taken over America’s prep schools, and a high school football coach is fired, after raising concerns about his daughter’s Critical Race Theory curriculum. President Biden’s DOJ nominee flip flops on “Defunding the Police” rhetoric, and the banjo player for Mumford & Sons is fired, because he praised a book about Antifa. Half of people are looking for new jobs because of their boss, and two-thirds of people working from home are thinking of moving…., to another country.