Markley, van Camp and Robbins | March 11, 2022
MVC&R are praying for the people of Ukraine, and President Joe Biden threatens a “severe price” if Russia decides to use chemical weapons. The White House’s media talking points blaming Putin for inflation have been distributed, but an Obama economic advisor is saying the blame belongs squarely on President Biden’s shoulders. Jussie Smollett proclaims his innocence and insists he is “not suicidal” during his sentencing hearing, and Florida governor Ron DeSantis absolutely levels Disney for their stance on the state’s anti-grooming bill. Kim Kardashian is getting backlash for advising women to get back to work, and your Attorney General claims the January 6th investigation is the most important thing his agency has ever done. The Friday Five are continuing the celebration of Women’s History Month – Best Women Rockers.