Markley, van Camp and Robbins | March 15, 2021
The Boys have been socially distancing, but now it seems three feet is a safe distance, so let’s open the schools. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is blaming former President Trump for the current border crisis, and New York’s COVID Czar was calling counties to gauge their loyalty to Governor Cuomo. A Florida woman is arrested for posing as a plastic surgeon, after a botched nose job. The national media is taking a second look at Florida’s COVID response, and a Georgetown law professor resigns for “failing to correct” a colleague on a Zoom call. Forensic experts question the Tiger Woods crash probe after a new finding, and a media reporter slams CNN, while on CNN. Governor Greg Abbott says the Border Patrol told him that President Biden is, “Empowering the cartels,” and things are, “Going to get far worse.” The Associated Press claims Republicans are seizing on the Andrew Cuomo scandal to distract from Biden, and Dr. Anthony Fauci is uncertain when weddings will once again be allowed.