Markley, van Camp and Robbins | March 19, 2021
The Boys are extremely excited, because there is HUGE news from the CDC. President Joe Biden once again refers to Kamala Harris as President, while a House democrat claims they have been warning about an immigration crisis for months. The first meeting between China and Biden did not go well, and a teacher is demanding his money back from the teachers union. Mayor Bill de Blasio believes police officers should be investigating bad words, and Oregon officials are proposing permanent mask mandates. Judge denies a change of venue in the Chauvin case, but says some info about Floyd’s 2019 arrest will be allowed. Dr. Anthony Fauci and officials like him have undermined trust in government institutions, and someone who ordered a dozen masks is mad they were only sent twelve. The United states is to be “more aggressive” with migrants, and Cancel Culture takes out one of its own warriors. Ryan Fujitani checks in with blockbuster news, and for Hufflepuff Pride Day — Magic Songs Edition.