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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | March 2, 2021

MVC&R could not be happier about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and half of Americans believe the election was legally stolen. CNN’s Chris Cuomo says he obviously can’t cover his brother’s story, because it’s his brother, but Donald Trump Jr. calls on the book publisher to cancel Governor Andrew Cuomo’s book amid scandal. Academics are calling breastfeeding “ethically problematic”, because it endorses “gender roles,” while a balanced diet calls for three vegetables servings, and two fruits. President Joe Biden will not look at Mexico as someone who’s South of the border. The majority of people say they will miss some parts of the quarantine once it’s over, and democrats want to investigate Florida’s governor for vaccinating old people. The Boy Scouts reorganization plan is “woefully” inadequate, and conservative beauty guru Amanda Ensing has been suspended from Twitter.

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