Markley, van Camp and Robbins | March 23, 2021
The Boys give an update on Monday’s shooting in Boulder, Colorado. Vice President Kamala Harris laughs off a question about her plans to visit the border, while Governor Andrew Cuomo tells a supporter he’s not going to resign, and then calls her, “Darling.” Texas COVID rates continue to drop, and most Americans say the pandemic has been bad for their weight. Jen Psaki squirms when asked about immigrants’ housing versus housing for National Guardsmen, and a majority of people have a soul-crushing feeling when they get a work email. The woke narrative in the Atlanta shooting seems to trump the facts, and Ellen DeGeneres’ ratings are down since the “toxic workplace” allegations. The Washington Post is saying the COVID bill did not have much to do with COVID, and Sidney Powell’s lawyers say the Dominion claims should be taken seriously. Deshaun Watson lawsuits are up to 14, with 24 accusers, and Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of chalk into the stratosphere. Also, a study finds stretching lowers blood sugar more than walking.