Markley, van Camp and Robbins | March 29, 2021
The Boys are looking into the joint WHO/China report urging no further probe into “extremely unlikely” lab leak theory, and opening arguments are presented in the murder trial for Derek Chauvin. The Secretary of State doesn’t think we should be worrying about China, and former President Trump turned a wedding reception into a campaign rally. The mayor of D.C. deletes a tweet about preventing auto theft, after an ÜberEats driver was killed in a carjacking incident. Senator Ted Cruz is blocked from filming inside a Texas migrant facility, and protesters threaten a school after a teacher showed a cartoon of Mohammed. Dr. Anthony Fauci says it was his decision to create a coronavirus vaccine, while CNN claims immigration is not getting a lot of traction on their website. Baltimore is no longer prosecuting drug possession or prostitution, and LeBron James’ son is mad players are forming a super team to take on his dad. Nike is distancing themselves from Lil Nas X’s satanic blood shoes, and Prince William is the sexiest bald man in the World.