Markley, van Camp and Robbins | March 4, 2021
MVC&R just knew Beto would be back, while claiming Republicans are a “death cult,” and the lifting of restrictions in Texas proves it. The White House cuts the video of President Biden, after he said he was happy to take questions. A liberal writer who claimed she couldn’t cover the Supreme Court because of Kavanaugh, now says that due process is a good thing. A liberal democrat says we need to lower the voting age, and Ferguson activists are demanding $20 million from Black Lives Matter. Tiger Woods told responding deputies that he didn’t remember driving, and the CDC delays releasing guidelines for people that have been vaccinated. Mitch McConnell unloads on President Biden, comparing the Biden administration to the Trump administration. House democrats vote to defund the police, and the DOJ quietly dismisses dozens of Portland riot cases. Axios delves into the very real and bad crisis on the Southern border, and the Super Bowl did not turn into a “superspreader” event.