Markley, van Camp and Robbins | March 9, 2021
The Boys are reviewing the CDC’s new guidelines for vaccinated people, but a CNN medical pundit says the guidance is too strict. President Joe Biden forgets the name and position of his Secretary of Defense, while his administration is putting kids in “facilities akin to jails.” The President’s dogs have been kicked out of the White House, and there was Royal drama on today’s Today Show. The Irish Times had a hilarious, and brutal, takedown of the Royal turmoil. The Dallas Cowboys have agreed to pay Dak Prescott a lot of money, and the state of Ohio has legalized dancing, again. The New York Times says Hispanics are voting Republican because of misinformation, and in 78% of serious COVID cases, the patients were overweight or obese. According to the New York Daily News, Governor Cuomo did a great job against COVID, and they warn against scandals causing distraction. These are the places where teachers unions are still delaying a return to the classroom.