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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | May 10, 2022

MVC&R have been monitoring the gas prices as they have continued to escalate, not because of Putin, and we have now hit a brand new all-time high in fuel costs. The White House believes it is possible to divide, and unite people at the same time, while Alabama has made it a crime to castrate children. President Joe Biden signed a bill to “streamline” the process of handing cash to Ukraine, and the same security agency on duty while Dave Chappelle was attacked, was the same security agency that worked Astroworld. Patrisse Cullors talks about her family not being the only one to make money off BLM, and Nicolle Wallace claims January 6th is the catalyst for Putin’s invasion into Ukraine. Bill Maher and Paul Begala slam student loan debt forgiveness, and Target’s new Pride Month collection will feature chest binders and packing underwear.

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