Markley, van Camp and Robbins | May 13, 2021
MVC&R don’t believe we need to be masking up outdoors, and neither does Dr. Anthony Fauci. A teachers union boss says schools must open in the fall, and a judge roasts a defendant in a virtual hearing, because of his unfortunate screen name. President Biden again makes it known he is not supposed the be answering questions, and the Democrats’ infrastructure plan is missing from the infrastructure plan website. The Colonial Pipeline paid the hackers five million dollars, and former President Trump floated the idea that Hunter was in charge of the pipeline. President Biden is calling for more education in the wake of the pipeline hacking, and Chrissy Teigen apologizes for harassing a minor, and wishing for her death. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis talks about clemency, and a border wall project is set to resume…, sort of.