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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | May 14, 2021

The Boys are fans of roller coasters, but the CDC Director’s emotional roller coaster is a bit much. President Joe Biden says you need to either be vaxxed or masked, and Jen Psaki offers new math when discussing inflation.Even though the new guidelines say vaccinated people don’t need to mask up, Dr. Anthony Fauci says children still need to wear masks. A former Biden COVID advisor wonders how we’ll know it’s safe without vaccine passports, and Israel rejects calls for a truce after pounding Palestinian terrorists. Street racing has been on the rise during the pandemic, and Paul McCartney offers eye yoga to preserve eyesight. Rachel Maddow is saying she needs rewiring for her brain, and GOP lawmakers are questioning the timing of the CDC mask announcement, considering the multitude of Biden’s crises. People are hesitant to return to work due to the communal commode situation, and 6% of Americans believe they could beat up a grizzly bear. Ryan Fujitani provides the latest and greatest in cinema news, and in honor of Young Achievers of Tomorrow Month, The Friday Five — Young Songs Edition.

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