Markley, van Camp and Robbins | May 18, 2021
The Boys never saw the sense in wearing a mask after having been vaccinated, and Dr. Anthony Fauci claims he did so to avoid sending mixed signals. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a 5.1-million dollar deal for his failed memoir, and Texas is the latest state to put an end to expanded unemployment. Janice Dean says Governor Cuomo’s book belongs in the “true crime” section, and the Space Force Commander’s book goes to number one. The governor of New Jersey says they’re not ready to drop the mask mandate, and the Rock Hall wants you to “expand your thinking” of what rock-and-roll is. Sweden recorded 30,000 suspected side effects of COVID vaccines, with AstraZeneca’s formula linked to more than half of all reports. President Biden and teachers unions want to mount a campaign to get kids back in school, and the New York Post is calling Florida the “sixth borough,” after thousands of New Yorkers flee to the Sunshine State.