Markley, van Camp and Robbins | May 19, 2021
MVC&R have a new hero, and he’s a 10-year-old in Florida, who laced into the local school board over their masks policy. The top CDC official steps down after emails surface showing collusion with teachers union, and a union boss denies any “nefarious” activity after keeping millions of kids out of school. Amid calls to defund police, most Portland residents are calling for more police, and a Georgia woman is wanted for battery after a Little Caesars attack was caught on video. President Joe Biden jokes about running over journalists with a truck, and Vice President Kamala Harris is keeping a running tab on reporters who lack understanding, or appreciation of her. Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is going to keep masking up, and a local report claims Mayor Lightfoot determines press interviews by race. CNN’s Chris Cuomo bashes pro-lifers in a crazed abortion rant, and apparently President Biden thinks Russia deserves pipelines, but we do not. Black Lives Matters “stands in solidarity” with the Palestinians, vowing to fight for “Palestinian liberation,” and a twin refuses to be his brother’s best man, because he’s marrying his ex-girlfriend.