Markley, van Camp and Robbins | May 23, 2022
The Boys have been watching inflation get worse for months, and CNN questions just how President Biden was so wrong about inflation. The President says we would defend Taiwan if China were to invade, and an ABC political hack believes President Biden has been a success in more ways than one. Apparently, a high school student signed a letter of intent to accept a job as a plumber, and a CNN anchor claims the Pope does not support the Nancy Pelosi communion ban. A federal judge has decided to keep Title 42 in place, for now, and a look back at the time Nancy Pelosi blamed then President Bush for the high gas prices. The “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” homeless shelter was shut down after vagrants took advantage of the charity, and Stacey Abrams declared Georgia as the “worst state” in which to live. Dave Chappelle’s attacker revealed his reason for attacking the comedian, and Taco Bell is testing a new grilled cheese breakfast biscuit.