Markley, van Camp and Robbins | May 24, 2022
MVC&R have been transitioning more and more of their money out of savings, due to the soaring gas prices, while President Joe Biden says we are in a fossil fuel transition. Ready or not, the “carbon footprint monitor” may be on the way, and Vice President Kamala Harris serves up another word salad when talking about kids of the community. State Farm seems to be backtracking from their plans to distribute transgender books to five-year-old kids, and U.S. Air Force cadets who are unvaccinated will not receive commissions. Apple spent millions to help homeless people, but it wasn’t enough, and Will Smith felt like a “coward” not defending his mother against an abusive father. Halsey called out her record label for refusing to release her new song, and Jake Tapper was caught impersonating a journalist, for a very brief moment.