Markley, van Camp and Robbins | May 27, 2021
MVC&R have an update on the Wednesday’s shooting in San Jose, California. President Joe Biden axed an investigation into the lab theory, but the media should not be allowed to push their “debunking” of the lab leak theory. DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas insists the border is not open, despite the daily evidence of a wide-open border. A former Seattle police chief unloads on political inaction during “mostly peaceful” riots, and Kim Kardashian failed the “baby bar” exam. Los Angeles is paying a crazy amount of money for a homeless camp, and Colorado health officials declare a “mental health state of emergency” for kids. USA Today removes references to transgender athletes as “male” in a high school track star’s op-ed, and the mayor of Chicago wants to permanently stop alcohol sales at 10PM. Media outlets took at least 1.6-million dollars to run Chinese propaganda, and a Boston schools program tried to solve racism by abusing kids.