Markley, van Camp and Robbins | May 4, 2021
The Boys are not killing grandmothers, but Governor Andrew Cuomo did. Now he’s worried about young people infecting and killing grandma, and an Oregon mayor has declared her city a “Common Sense Sanctuary City.” President Biden says anyone making less than $400K/year will not have to pay any taxes, and a woman repeatedly calls a police officer a “murderer” and a “Mexican racist.” A Houston store is selling DeShaun Watson jerseys at 50% off, after the Texans signed another quarterback. A juror in the Derek Chauvin case wore a Floyd-themed BLM shirt, and defended his attendance at a racial justice rally where Floyd’s family spoke. Al Sharpton called out Sen. Tim Scott at the Andrew Brown funeral, asking, “What do you mean America is not racist?” Most Portland riot suspects will not be prosecuted, and a former spy chief believes the coronavirus definitely came from the lab in Wuhan. A teachers union boss mocks parents that want their kids back in school, and data shows April was the thirteenth straight month of record gun sales.