Markley, van Camp and Robbins | May 7, 2021
MVC&R were not at all responsible for the most recent jobs report, but the results were absolutely abysmal, and fell far below expectations. A hysterical man harasses a pregnant woman in a grocery store, for not wearing a mask and for “so much privilege.” President Joe Biden’s tax plan is explained, sort of, and a montage of people referring to pregnant women as “birthing people.” Twitter is suspending accounts that post statements from Donald Trump’s website, and a new social media trend is taking pictures of your stomach, before and after eating. The former head of the FDA says we can lose the masks, while the police officer that mocked LeBron James snagged a book deal, and heads back to work. AOC decided to chime in about Planned Parenthood, and President Biden is tossing rules meant to separate unions from White House staff. An Illinois mom is raising awareness of COVID psychosis after her husband’s death, and Governor DeSantis is telling unemployed Floridians to start looking for a job. After a week off, Ryan Fujitani returns with the latest cinema news, and honoring Mom with The Friday Five — Mom Songs Edition.