The Boys were able to make it in despite the candy hangover, while President Joe Biden was asked why Americans seem to hate him now. Alec Baldwin explains why he is not at fault for shooting and killing Halyna Hutchins, saying, “She was my friend.” Elon Musk warns that Austin, Texas must not turn into San Francisco, and President Biden gave a puzzling answer as to why he was late to a press conference. Former President Trump says, “I wanna see him do well, but he’s failing.” A Houthi missile attack killed dozens of civilians, after President Biden removed the terror designation on the group. President Biden is “told” who to call on at press conferences, and The Lincoln Project claims credit for the “neo-Nazi” stunt in Virginia. A Loudoun County mom claims her daughter asked if she was evil because of her race, and Ice Cube quit his next movie because he refused to get vaccinated.