The Boys are thankful to all the veterans for their service to our country, and their contribution to the preservation of freedom. Americans are not enjoying the higher gas prices, and President Joe Biden asked if we ever thought gas prices would be so high. The prosecutor in Kenosha wanted to know why Kyle Rittenhouse wanted to put out a fire, and Vice President Kamala Harris is incapable of keeping it together for even one second. Secretary John Kerry isn’t interested in addressing slave labor, being that his department deals with the environment. The media have hyperventilated over Aaron Rodgers, but they have completely ignored Henry Ruggs’ crash. The Biden administration has been flying illegal immigrants to Florida, so Governor DeSantis has a plan to transport said illegals to Delaware. Chris Hayes frets about people “solving problems with street violence”, and BLM straight up threatens riots if the New York City mayor does something they don’t like.