Markley, van Camp and Robbins | November 12, 2020
The Boys are not planning any military action, that we know of, but Martha Raddatz questions if President Trump may be.Joe Biden’s ever-evolving stance on shutting down the country, while a Biden advisor claims we should lock down for 4-6 weeks. The rioters in Portland are not content with the election of Joe Biden, saying they want, “Death to America.” Elizabeth Warren credits the ‘most progressive economic’ platform ever for Biden’s win, and Ticketmaster will make you prove you are ‘Rona-free, when concerts get started up again. One suit claims 40k+ fraudulent ballots dumped in Detroit for Biden, and an Arizona judge denies request to seal evidence in Trump campaign fraud case. A study shows the postal service was not sabotaged by Trump, and the governor of Florida proposes a law that would make it easier to shoot looters.