MVC&R do not want Kenosha to burn down, but it sure seems like Good Morning America does. Iranian-backed extremists stormed the U.S. embassy in Yemen, taking hostages and seizing equipment. Four Ohio parents won school board seats campaigning against CRT and mask mandates, and now Seattle is so dangerous the county is having to escort workers. Dr. Jill Biden is saying the vaccine is your choice, so you should choose not to kill your kids. Senator Ted Cruz crushed Secretary John Kerry’s despicable response to slave labor, and the newest controversy is the Rittenhouse judge’s joke about the supply chain. Wendy Rittenhouse is claiming President Biden defamed her son, and the manhunt for New York’s Central Park rape suspect continues. A professor is calling for the normalization of “minor-attracted-persons”, and Jacob Blake’s uncle displayed his brilliance on the Today Show. Since they’re in San Antonio, the boys will be going to Sea World, and Scott will finally fulfill his dream of hugging a dolphin. Also, The Friday Five will be keeping with the Texas theme — Best Texas Bands/Artists.