The Boys got their fill of dolphin hugging last week. Well, at least Scott did. Judge Bruce Schroeder dropped the weapons charge against Kyle Rittenhouse, and the Wisconsin National Guard was activated ahead of Rittenhouse’s verdict. According to an ABC poll, the midterms are going to be really bad for democrats, and Winsome Sears is ready to let the wounds of the past heal. It wouldn’t be too hard to guess what happened after the Los Angeles school board defunded its police, and Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is officially running for governor in Texas. Disgraced Andrew Cuomo is looking to run for attorney general of New York, and CNN commentators fume after a CNN report of dysfunction in Vice President Kamala Harris’ office. A woman made out with a guy, and his stubble gave her a staph infection, while two-thirds of us won’t answer calls from unfamiliar phone numbers.