Markley, van Camp and Robbins | November 16, 2020
The Boys the news of another COVID vaccine, and it shows great promise. As protesters were attacking Trump supporters at the Million MAGA March, President Trump was attacking them, calling them, “Human radical left garbage.” Governor Andrew Cuomo admits that schools aren’t COVID hot spots, but he’s going to close them anyway. French President Macron slams the U.S. media for legitimizing Islamist violence, and Obama compares Trump to a dictator that suppresses journalists. (Fact Check: The Obama administration targeted reporters.) More Japanese people have died from suicide in October, than have died from COVID during the entire pandemic. According to CNN, conservatives leaving Twitter is, “A threat to democracy.” Dr. Anthony Fauci is concerned Trump is stalling the Biden transition, and the Italian police used a Lamborghini to transport a kidney 300 miles, in two hours.