MVC&R are bracing themselves ahead of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Kenosha business owners are bracing as well, with one saying, “We’re just trying to survive here.” Dr. Anthony Fauci believes individual freedom is a “misplaced perception”, and the White House announcer just skipped over introducing Vice President Kamala Harris, at the infrastructure bill signing. As it turns out, President Joe Biden’s massive spending plan does not “cost zero”. An Oregon democrat is slammed after suggesting black people should get a day off after the Rittenhouse verdict is announced, and a Texas democrat is switching to republican after the defunding of police, and the “chaos” at the border. Russia blew up a satellite, and now debris is threatening the International Space Station, while the average person expects to gain eight pounds over the holidays. Schools across America are facing class cancellations and staff shortages, as Chinese authorities are executing pets of people in COVID quarantine.