Markley, van Camp and Robbins | November 19, 2020
MVC&R are following the science, and there’s a scientific case against lockdowns. An MSNBC host and former CIA Director agree, Joe Biden will have to undo those peace deals in the Middle East. The network newscasts are avoiding the Governor Newsom dinner party controversy, and it looks like Nancy Pelosi is going to be House Speaker, again. Governor Andrew Cuomo points out the COVID shutdowns are your fault, while the Michigan elections officials want to rescind their certification of the votes. A university has a panel of judges to shame students not following COVID guidelines, and “Wonder Woman 1984” will hit HBO Max the same day it hits theaters. Along with all the calls for unity, a democrat calls for everyone in the Trump family to be prosecuted. The Illinois Board of Education gets blowback for forcing teachers to adopt ‘progressive’ views, and 4 in 5 Americans rely on cherished memories to escape the gloom of 2020.