MVC&R have not canceled one flight onboard MVCR Air, but American Airlines canceled more than 2,000 flights, and blamed high winds. An MSNBC analyst claims Virginia going red would be “dangerous” somehow, and only 42% believe President Biden is mentally sharp. Senator Joe Manchin blew up the infrastructure deal, and Alec Baldwin bashed Sen. Manchin on Twitter. San Francisco blames conservative media for the perception of their city being so bad, and a UVA professor and political analyst believes white people are making things up in Virginia. AT&T race theory says “the problem” is due to white employees, and NBC News called the Secret Service over a “Let’s Go Brandon” joke. The United Kingdom is considering a law that would send online trolls to jail, and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is demanding firefighters get to work. Mike Rowe debunked the mystery of 11 million job openings, and the skills gap, while Philadelphia has banned traffic stops.