MVC&R are keeping an eye on Waukesha, Wisconsin where 5 were killed after an SUV plowed through a holiday parade, and a possible suspect has been identified. The media has been having an absolute meltdown since the Rittenhouse verdict was announced, and armed black business owners are just waiting for looters to take their chances with their businesses. Chicago protesters were chanting in favor of communism, and Joy Reid believes, “People should be terrified.” Kyle Rittenhouse says he supports the Black Lives Matter movement, and Hunter Biden’s firm helped China get electric car mineral. Colin Kaepernick reacted to Kyle Rittenhouse, and e-sports are now more popular with boys than real sports. Back to back flash mob lootings in the San Francisco area are alarming experts, and Haitian kidnappers release 2 of the 17 hostages. Vice President Kamala Harris is saying more work needs to be done, and a law professor claims even white allies are victims of white supremacy.