The Boys want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Kyle Rittenhouse is flipping the entire media narrative on its head, and doorbell footage shows the Waukesha attacker being arrested. NBC News has a simple fix for Thanksgiving, by suggesting to just not have turkey this year. In dealing with its looting problem, San Francisco officials do not want you to refer to the looting as “looting”. Armed Black Panthers gathered with Black Lives Matter, to push coffins outside of the courthouse of the Arbery trial. A BLM activist is suggesting the Christmas parade attack was the, “Start of a revolution,” and U.S. generals sound the alarm over America’s inadequate first strike weapons. An officer who was fired for supporting Rittenhouse speaks out, and he received a check from the fundraiser started by Candace Owens. A transgender inmate raped a mentally disabled female prisoner in a Washington prison, and the New York City pastor that ran over, and hacked his wife to death pleads guilty.