Markley, van Camp and Robbins | November 24, 2020
The Boys are not certifying any elections, but Pennsylvania certified its election this morning. President Trump retweets Randy Quaid’s call for a new election, while Rudy says they’re one good ruling away from turning this all around. Doctors are worried people won’t know about potential vaccine side effects, and Pete Davidson is scheduled to star in a performance of, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” More fallout from Governor Newsom’s dinner party, which was attended by more than originally reported. Online schooling seems to be failing, along with the students using it. Governor Andrew Cuomo is planning on having Thanksgiving with his elderly mother, while the governor of Maryland compares not wearing a mask to drunk driving. The culture wars helped to fuel Hispanic support for President Trump, and John Cleese is accused of transphobia, after expressing support for J.K. Rowling.