Markley, van Camp and Robbins | November 3, 2020
The Boys are not playing games on Election Day, and neither is President Trump, saying he won’t declare victory, until he knows he’s won. Activists in Minneapolis say they will protest regardless of the election results, because they’re decent human beings. A former NAACP president says black men are voting for Trump, because of sexism. President Trump says the U.S. is the most difficult country, with which to negotiate, and a man disowns his mother for voting for Trump. An MSNBC pundit predicts Nikki Haley will replace Trump in 2020, and the criminal Michael Avenatti says Michael Cohen is going to bury Trump. The W.H.O.’s hush-hush deal, which sidelined its own experts from investigating the coronavirus origin, in China. Ragin’ Cajun Carville claims we’ll know the election results by 10:00 tonight, while a psychiatrist and media pundit claims Hitler was better than Trump.