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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | November 30, 2021

The Boys are trying to get the most information on the “Omicron” variant of COVID, but President Joe Biden is talking about and “Omnicron” variant. President Biden explained his African travel ban in the most non-senile way he could, and mass protests erupted in Australia over the worsening COVID authoritarianism. YouTube censors a song that exposes Dr. Anthony Fauci as the “Sad Little Man” he is. President Biden is not visiting Waukesha, Wisconsin for some reason, and Tiger Woods is done playing golf full-time. The South African doctor who discovered the Omicron variant says the “hype” is unwarranted, and CNN’s Brian Stelter again puts his foot in his mouth when talking about inflation. Chris Cuomo used his connections to dig up dirt on his brothers’ accusers, and President Biden says lockdowns are “off the table, for now.”

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