M&R are celebrating Scott’s birthday, also known as Columbus Day. Dana Bash interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci, to find out the latest with permission to celebrate Halloween, and other holidays. SW Airlines canceled more than 1K flights over the weekend, blaming the weather despite a lack of reports of inclimate weather. British Airways instructs pilots and cabin crew to refrain from addressing passengers as “ladies and gentlemen,” in an effort to recognise “diversity and inclusion.” The Metropolitan Police will be taking “no further action” in the investigation of Prince Andrew, so the issue turned out to be no sweat for the Prince. President Biden was caught off guard with a question about Hunter, but a reporter hurriedly covered by asking about the President’s allergies.Governor Gavin Newsom signed several new laws over the weekend, including legislation with gas-powered equipment, and feminine products in men’s rooms. Vice President Kamala Harris gave some space age McGurkin, when talking to some kids about space exploration, and looking at the Moon.