The Boys are glad President Joe Biden figured out there is less traffic at night, and now prison workers are going to be fired because of the vaccine mandate. Joe Rogan asked a CNN employee the purpose of CNN lying about him, and Facebook is cracking down on those who criticize media members, and activists. Education is driving a lot of people to the polls, and a montage of the threat that parents pose. An eco mob blocked a road near Dartford Crossing, and activists clashed with furious drivers. A toddler accidentally showed Mom in the shower, and it was streamed live on Instagram. Commuters are going to have a bad time because of the vaccine, as the risk of COVID to kids is miniscule. Mark Zuckerberg spent $419 million on nonprofits ahead of the 2020 election, and Jon Gruden will be scrubbed from a game that already came out. New documents show Ashley Babbitt was shot for “no good reason,” and the Norway bow-and-arrow suspect was flagged for radicalization.