Markley, van Camp and Robbins | October 16, 2020
The Boys focus on current events, and have their takes on the Dueling Trump-Biden Town Halls. The ratings are in, and more people tuned into the Joe Biden Town Hall event on ABC News. According to Dan Gainor, Trump’s NBC town hall turned into a debate with the moderator, and Trump won. Savannah Guthrie focused on a two-week old story, at the Trump town hall, and Joe Biden was confronted by his “you ain’t black” comment. Twitter crashes and the conspiracies fly, while Trump is okay with wasting a whole show on Q-Anon. Biden recommends shooting suspects in the leg, in order to de-escalate situations. A report finds that Facebook and Twitter employees send over 90% of political donations to Democrats. Ryan Fujitani returns to talk movies, and The Friday Five — Best 70’s Rock Bands.