M&R are making due without Van Camp today, but David will be back on Friday. The FDA has approved booster shots for Johnson & Johnson and Moderna, and they also authorized the mixing and matching of vaccine brands administered. The search for Brian Laundrie continues, but human remains have been found in a Florida park, along with items belonging to Brian Laundrie. Condoleeza Rice was a guest on The View, and she discussed the problems with critical race theory. A-Rod had some trouble during a live broadcast, as chants of “F— Joe Biden” chants could clearly be heard in the background. Dr. Anthony Fauci believes the Johnson & Johnson vaccine should have been a two-dose regime, and President Joe Biden didn’t exactly receive a warm reception upon his return to Scranton, Pennsylvania. Experts are speaking up about the dangers of changing children’s genders, and setting the record straight on misconceptions about gender-altering procedures and therapies.