Markley, van Camp and Robbins | October 22, 2020
The Boys will not be muted, but President Trump probably will be, during tonight’s debate with Joe Biden. Despite her desperate efforts, Nancy Pelosi is to blame for stalling COVID relief, according to Americans. Crazy Nancy loses her cool after a reporter asks her about Hunter Biden. Media outlets bend over backwards trying to defend Jeffrey Toobin, offering bizarre defenses. In addition, the media overwhelmingly fell for the Rudy Giuliani hoax, while continuing to ignore further revelations in the Hunter Biden email story. Adam Schiff does not believe the assessment about Iranian election interference, and says you shouldn’t believe it either. A woman brought 23 relatives on a blind date to test the guy’s generosity, so he dined, and then bailed on the bill. The murder charge against Derek Chauvin has been dropped, and the Washington Football team will probably be nameless next season, as well.