Markley, van Camp and Robbins | October 23, 2020
MVC&R give their expert analysis to the debate, then they turn on the mics, and do their show. President Trump had his biggest fundraising day of the year, even larger than any day of the 2016 campaign. Trump pointed out during the debate, referencing the Hunter Biden emails, saying, “You’re the big guy, Joe.” An elderly couple was reunited after 215 days, because of the coronavirus. The FDA approves Remdesivir as a COVID treatment, which the World Health Organization said didn’t help. Joe Biden admits he would move away from the oil industry, and he supports increasing the minimum wage during the pandemic. Trump says COVID relief is being held up by Nancy Pelosi, and he asks Biden why he never did anything about criminal justice reform. It seems a lot of high-minded lefties don’t even know what “coyotes” are, and two-thirds of people say this holiday season will mean more than ever before. Ryan Fujitani checks in with the latest from Hollywood, and The Friday Five — World Songs Edition.