M&VC have not blocked any vaccine mandates, but a judge has blocked the federal vaccine mandate, for now. The Rio Grande Valley sector sets a new record for migrant apprehensions, and there is a plan to pay $450K to departed illegal immigrants. Rashida Tlaib makes a nonsensical demand of Chevron’s CEO, and “Let’s Go Brandon” still dominates the Apple Music chart. Adam Kinzinger will not be seeking reelection, and the armorer from the set of “Rust” is denying culpability in the fatal shooting. New York City braces for more trash, and more crime, while Illinois will soon allow minors to seek an abortion without parental consent. A new study significantly undermines the government’s justification for vaccine mandates, and a top U.S. general warns about China’s military progress. Former New York governor Andrew Cuomo will be arrested next week, and Ryan Fujitani returns to discuss cinema news. It may or may not be because of Scott’s absence, but it could also be the influence of Halloween on The Friday Five — Best Black Songs.