Markley, van Camp and Robbins | October 30, 2020
The Boys have their costumes ready! CNN and MSNBC choose to skip the historic 33.1% GDP growth, while Don Lemon explains his need to rid his life of Trump supporters. NBC debunks a Hunter Biden conspiracy, which has nothing to do with the actual Hunter Biden story. The FBI confirms they have opened a case involving Hunter Biden. Matthew McConaughey throws shade on the “illiberal” left, saying they’re, “Condescending and patronizing.” Thousands of ballots in Pennsylvania may be lost, and Walmart is pulling guns off the shelf, in anticipation of violence. A state trooper dates Governor Cuomo’s daughter, then gets reassigned near the Canadian border, while the governor blames President Trump for 100% of the COVID deaths in the country. Rotten Tomatoes’ Ryan Fujitani checks in to discuss the favorite scary movies, and in honor of Daylight Saving: The Friday Five — Time Songs Edition.