MVC&R don’t have anything against parents looking out for their children, but the federal government does, and they’re going to use the Patriot Act against them. Once again, Bernie Sanders proves socialists are incapable of simple math, and Hunter Biden is indeed selling art to people who want favors from his dad. The White House is hiding information from President Biden, and 10 governors unveil a 10-point plan to end the border crisis. Rashida Tlaib says she’s only wearing a mask because of the “Republican Tracker” near her, and the Los Angeles city council approved the most restrictive COVID vaccine mandate. A Quinnipiac poll shows disastrous numbers for President Biden, and crime creeps into Chicago suburbs, as department stores are robbed by groups of thieves. Molly Ringwald is not looking forward to watching her 80’s films with her “woke” daughter, and Paul Stanley says the KISS Farewell Tour will end next year.