The Boys are just in awe after another horrible jobs report, but you shouldn’t worry since people are getting fired because of vaccine mandates. Former President Trump points out that people wanted the vaccine when he was President, and Woody Harrelson punched a guy at the Watergate Hotel. The Arlington high school shooter is out of jail, and the idiot mayor of New York City is caught in idiocy, again. Elon Musk says Tesla is moving their headquarters from California to Texas, and a Virginia democrat yelled at a black lady over critical race theory. Adele was “hurt” by the comments about her 100lb weight loss, but she thinks women might leave their relationships after hearing her new music. The correction from The New York Times demonstrates why we can’t trust the media, and an Afghanistan mosque explosion killed and wounded scores of worshipers. Ryan Fujitani talks about the latest James Bond flick, and songs are on the brain for the Friday Five — Best Song Songs.